Banner Contest - Rules and Information

Only a few days are left until you can submit your most creative, funny, advertising Banners, Logos or Pictures about our beloved Friendica!

But what is this all about and how can I participate?

The idea behind the contest is to find the best Friendica-related artwork out there and have it honoured on @Friendica Day It will then be published prominently so everyone can use it to include it on homepages, blogs and other social networks.

From May 04, 00:00 UTC you can submit as many entries as you like for exactly one week (i.e. until May 10, 23:59 UTC). Simply post the picture via Wall-To-Wall to this group (embedded or as an attachment, best as .png or .jpeg).
After that, people can comment your entries and more important, "like" it.
Only the overall count of "likes" will be deciding who wins the contest!

For another three days after submissions are closed there will be time to "like" your... mehr anzeigen
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