Banner Contest - The winner is...

That's it! The Banner Contest is over, right at the beginning of Friendica Day!

Thanks to all contributors, you did a great job and your submissions were all #a-word 

However, there can be only one winner in this contest.

You may already see it by looking at the amount of likes, with 8 votes in total, the winner is...

Christian Königl with this submission!

I will contact Christian during Friendica Day to discuss the further details. He will then be the owner of a ready-to-go, fully featured Friendica Server on, loaded with a prepaid credit of 10,- € (thank you again @Myrddin Lailoken

I hope this will not be the last contest of this kind for there are still some creative ideas out there in the Friendica Universe, I suppose!

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@Myrddin Lailoken, Jetzt komme ich noch später zur Arbeit! ;-)
@Simon L'nu, Thanks!
@JC John Sese Cuneta, Thanks and the Borg-Girls are all on the Facebook-hive, not on the Friendica-nodes! ;-)
Christian, thanks for the good news about the Borg girls ;-)